Assistants at Hand: Our Story

At Assistants at Hand we are passionate about person-centred and dignified care. Here we describe, in our own words, the reasons why we decided to embark on our mission to provide dignified home care to enable your or your relatives to remain independent in their own home.

Home is Happiness, Home is where the Heart is, Home is where you feel safe, where you feel cared for and supported. Here at Assistants at Hand we truly care about helping others in the Plymouth area. We will enable you to live in your own home and maintain your independence, by providing you with domiciliary care, assisting you with your day-to-day activities.


Assistants at Hand is a domiciliary care providers, initially started by two cousins (Lisa Battershill and Vivien Dunne), and now run by Lisa Battershill who comes from a large family. Lisa realised that not everyone has the luxury of family living close by to support their needs on a day-to-day basis, therefore allowing them to enjoy the familiarity of their own home and surroundings. She also realised how difficult it was to get high quality homecare for loved ones and have the peace of mind that all was well at home, from a touch of a button anywhere in the world.


In order to ensure that care being given is of the highest standard possible, Assistants at Hand (South West) Ltd. is proud to be a member of the Care Certificate Consortium and ensure that all Assistants are trained up above industry standard and complete the 15 standards that apply to all staff working within the care sector, thus awarding them the Care Certificate. As well as the Care Certificate, they also receive Dementia Training, Dignity in Care Training and Health and Safety Training. Our Assistants undertake a six month induction training programme, as well as monthly reviews to ensure standards are meticulously maintained. Our staff are always encouraged to continue their training and professional development to make sure we can provide you with carers that are highly-qualified.


Peace of mind for family members knowing that loved ones are being cared for and their needs are being met is vitally important, no matter where in the world they live. To this end, Assistants at Hand are proud to introduce their on-line portal which alows for open and honest communication and can be accessed by nominated family members, GP’s or specialist nursing teams. This ensures that they are being professionally supported and receiving adequate nutrition, fluids and medications or if their Assistant has recorded any notes of concern and when their last call was and for how long. Timed GPS visits by our Assistants are also tracked, ensuring you that they are with your loved ones the whole time of the visit and also allowing any communication between the nominated family member and the Assistant whilst on the visit in situ. (Please get in touch to learn more about this wonderful system and what it would mean to you!).


"The only person who will take care of the older person you will be someday is the younger person you are now." This is not always easy in today’s world however, with Assistants at Hand by your side, together we can make this a reality!


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